Day 3 - Player Reaction

At the end of day 3, Milan Kalis, one of the coaches of the Slovak team, said:

“We are extremely cautious now – there are still a lot of games to play. There are three games to go tomorrow and after tomorrow. We must concentrate.

"But it was a lucky day for us today, with both China and Sweden we were under pressure during the whole match. But in each case, the last end worked perfect for us.”

Haitao Wang, China Skip, at the end of Tuesday – after winning their game against USA and on losing their morning match against Slovakia, said:

“The first stage of this morning’s game against Slovakia was very good. I was pleased. But with my key stone in the last end, I missed – I felt as if I’d fallen from the heavens it was terrible. I think my technique is not very good.

"In the game against the USA I emptied my head of all thoughts about the fact that they had won all their games and that they were strong. I focussed on making every shot.”

Following their defeat of Canada, Russian Skip, Andrey Smirnov, said:

“It was a very hard game - it was very close and Canada played very well.

"We tried to forget about this morning’s defeat. We took this afternoon’s game as a new game. We tried to be ready for this game as we will do for our next and it worked out in our favour. We have three games still to play [in the round robin] and we will do all that we can to win all of them.”

Andrea Tabanelli, Italy Skip, after winning their game against Sweden:

“Already yesterday afternoon we were playing a lot better. Often we’ve found ourselves in championships where we begin well, then things go downhill. But here, we hope this is the start of a crescendo to the finish!”

“Today we played much better and made less mistakes. But it’s the quality of our shot-making that is letting us down. We’re getting better, little by little and we’re very happy with the quality of the ice here in Korea.”

“The last time that we played Jalle [Jungnell SWE Skip] was in the tiebreaker when he eliminated us from the Paralympics in Vancouver! But I think his team is missing something here on the ice with their third Glenn Ikonen not playing here, I think you can see the difference.”

After beating Canada, Rune Lorentsen, Norway Skip, said:

“Getting this win feels like a burden of my shoulders. All our matches have been tight. With a little more we could have won every game and we would be sitting on 5-0 but it has not gone our way.

“We have two newcomers this year, although we had three newcomers last year. We haven’t practiced that much with our lead as she lives in another area of Norway, but she has played really well, so that has not been a problem.

“We hope we can continue like the way we are playing now. We have lost almost every game by one or two points in the last end or two, so we just have to fight until the end.

“It’s been a little bit difficult to read the ice. Sometimes the stones run really straight and other times they curl a lot, and the ice is 12.5 seconds in one draw and 13 or 14 in the next but it’s the same for anyone so we cannot complain. You have to read the ice to win games.”

“The Swedes, Italy and Norway are all on four and one so we are all in the same position. This was the first game I was feeling a little nervous but now we have our first win we are all feeling a little more confident.”

After their win over Scotland, James 'Jimmy' Joseph, USA Second, said:

“We love Scotland, we’re great friends, we play hard and it’s always a close game.

“We expected this from these guys and we had to get that steal, and we did in the seventh, which was huge. Then we just had to execute our shots in the final end which we did and got the big W which was massive for us.

“The new team is so different. It’s all about staying together, being happy and focusing on every shot, every end and taking each game one at a time. We want to rise to the top and be a gold medallist – that’s our goal.

“The key to our success is that we really practiced our butts off. I flew out to Madison four times this year, I live upstate New York. I quit my ploughing business so that I could dedicate my whole season to curling. I knew this team, the way we’ve been shooting together, we glue together so good. I’m so proud of this team, I just get choked up some times, they’re awesome.

“You can’t get too high up on your horse and think you’re untouchable. This is where we have to stay down here. 5-0 is good but we’ve got four more games to go. That’s what we’re focusing on each game by game by game. We can’t be thinking we’re unbeatable. We’re just staying grounded and keeping our heads in the game.”

After their victory over Russia, Hak Sung Kim, Korea Skip, said:

“If we want to make it to the finals we have to win these two games today. We’ve already won one so we’re feeling relieved. The players are now feeling a little more relaxed and getting warmed up so I think we will do well in the next game [against Scotland].

“We managed to judge the ice well today and we made few mistakes. The players were getting more and more relaxed and comfortable on the ice.”

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