Day 6 - Player Reaction


After beating Russia, Korea Skip, Hak Sung Kim, said:

“I am so happy about the win. At first I thought we would lose because our game wasn’t going so well. But it was close and I am so happy.

“The team was really tense beforehand. I gave them some directions before the game but it didn’t go well, that’s why the game was so close and so difficult. The last shot was really crucial and it went really well for us.

“We have changed three players since my Paralympic team from Vancouver and this was our first games in the championship since the change. I think this has been one of the reasons for our success. If the team keeps going like this, playing at this level, our good form will continue.

“It really means a lot to us because the Championship is taking place in Korea, our homeland. I am used to playing in front of a crowd so it didn’t really affect me in this game, but it did make some of my team mates a little nervous. But they are getting used to playing in front of spectators so they will not be as nervous in the next game.”


After defeating China, Russian Skip, Andrey Smirnov, said:

“We were in a good mood before this game. We played China many times before and we beat them. We knew what China’s tactics would be, so we were relaxed and assured which gave us confidence and helped us perform well in this game. I’m really happy we will now win a medal, I’m just not sure what kind it will be.

“I can’t tell you if we are going to change our tactics against the Korean’s, perhaps we have a plan but it is top secret.

“When the situation is critical in a game it is better for me. If it is too easy I might not play as good, so I play well under pressure and I’m sure there will be some pressure in the final.”

When asked if he was surprised by his team’s performance, Smirnov added: “We waited for this surprise, we worked hard to make this surprise came true and it has.”

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